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Progress not Perfection

Progress not Perfection
We believe really great pajamas have to start with really good fabrics.  This Spring we chose a selection of vintage inspired floral prints and stripes that we hope you will love as much as we do.

Spring Sleepwear Fabric Collage

Our sleepwear is made with high-quality shirting fabric - the same fabric and attention to detail in construction that is used to make high-end mens' shirts. So technically, you could wear our sleepwear to work!

As a small Canadian business our greatest challenge has been sourcing Canadian made sustainable raw goods that are affordable to our market.  This is something we have strived to do, long to do and would really like to achieve in our business.  But it is tough!

At this point in time, sourcing sustainable Canadian made textiles is entirely unattainable for our business.  If anyone out there knows of a Canadian (Even North American!) fabric mill PLEASE send us their details.  We have not given up!

We currently import all our raw goods from the Orient.  When we say the Orient we use that as an umbrella term: some of our fabric comes from China and South Korea.  We are also contemplating higher end artisanal textiles from Japan.

Overhead photo of our tailor, Don, sewing the Canadian made Lucy PJ Set in vintage inspired pink and blue floral print cotton.  Just his hands are showing as he feeds the fabric through the sewing machine.

We have worked with the same mills for four years and we love their quality of goods.  Now, we know that no matter where fabric is manufactured there is a high environmental cost.  Farming raw materials, manufacturing fabric and shipping raw goods all impact nature as well as community. As a Canadian manufacturer who produces in small batches we attempt to mitigate this cost in a number of ways.
1. We make loved clothes that last.  

By using high quality fabrics, and building them with the utmost care, our clothing lasts a lot longer than you might think. Remember to never bake or boil (wash or dry in hot temperatures) your sleepwear.  If you need to mend a hem or replace a button we can walk you through that process.
2. We divert ALL our "fall-out" (the fabric left over after production) from landfills. This goes to local fabric sales (follow us on social media to learn more), crafters box, dog bed filling and our own upcycled projects.

3. We upcycle vintage textiles in our Re-Made line and are therefore contributing to the circular fashion economy.

4. We choose to use "natural" fibers (linen, cotton, rayon) which will biodegrade over time unlike man-made fibers (polyester +nylon) which basically last forever in the landfill.

These four actions are clearly just the beginning of our journey towards more sustainable Canadian made sleepwear. Follow along online while you get cozy at home. If you have worn our pajamas then you know what cozy feels like.  

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  • Jun 27, 2022

    Doug, I admire your principles and have to admit that there is not a lot of transparency when importing from companies in China. We chose to shop based on longevity and quality of textiles. From our Northern Ontario studio we focus on sustainable manufacturing principles and creating a fair work environment for our cutters. While we search for ethically produced textiles that meet our standards we do everything we can to balance the impact of our textiles through other aspects of our business. Progress. Not perfection.
    I think you’ll really love these three Canadian clothing manufacturers:
    1. KOTN B Corp certified, imports Egyptian Cotton
    2. Simply Merino, BC based, imports Australian Merino Wool (I LIVE in their base layers 9 months of the year)
    3. FRANC INC “from fabric to final basic we’re fully made in Canada”
    Thanks so much for participating in this conversation around equitable manufacturing. If you ever have more information to share we want to hear from you.
    Stay Safe, Stay Cozy,

    — Rachel

  • Jun 27, 2022

    You had me at “China”: that, frankly, concerns me. How can we be assured that our fabric hasn’t been made, or contributed-to by, say, Uighurs? Beyond that, I personally am avoiding all Chinese goods/food/products that I can, on the simple principle that I don’t want, even in a trivial way, to support the Xi regime.

    — Doug

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