The 49th Team

Meet the 49th Apparel team!
Here's a little peek at the things they do behind the scenes, and beyond.


Small business owner, retailer, designer, buyer, pattern maker, production manager, customer service professional, button sewer, merchandiser, cleaner, cutter, sample maker, shipper - his jobs are NEVER done and he loves it!
Learn more about Daryl here!


Expert sales person, all around helper with literally anything and everything, anytime!
She works hard and always looks her absolute best doing it... she really is glamorous! Just call her “Glamma”!
An indispensable part of the team, especially the retail shop here in Sault Ste. Marie.
She paints, she decorates, she cooks, she bakes - she’s a super human!
She owns over 15 pairs of 49th Apparel pajamas and loves to get more for every special occasion.


A highly skilled seamstress - she’s been at 49th Apparel for almost 20 years!
She learned her craft in Europe at a young age and has been honing her skills for over 60 years.
An truly valued part of this business - there is no sewing, pattern making or production issue she cannot help resolve!
The 49th Apparel team has learned so much from her through the years.
She loves what she does and the team loves her!



A little bit of this and a little bit of that, Suvi works her creative magic to bring the 49th Apparel brand to you online and in print.
You can find her hard at work designing clothing labels and hangtags, re-designing the website, editing copy, scheduling social media updates and photographing new products.
While she’s not at 49th Apparel she keeps busy creating art, face painting, volunteering for Special Olympics and teaching her two young girls about this thing called life.


A perfect men's medium in size, he lives large on the ice and the football field.
An all around great kid who often helps his Dad deconstruct shirts for our RE-MADE project!  Be careful when you give a teenager a seam ripper and a pair of scissors. Always a great co pilot and up for a trip to Toronto  Gabe will even help haul rolls of fabric around Toronto in the humid summer months without complaining... almost.



A health care professional by trade, LeeAnn is a force to be reckoned with and a wiz at all things accounting related.
She sure can help you make a mean spreadsheet!
Sounding board, consultant and emotional support guru.
She knits, she bakes, she rocks at Sudoku!
Proud Mom and NetFlix fan!
Photo coming soon! She's a busy woman; having a hard to find time to get her in for a photo shoot!


Not much to say about this guy.
He knows how to remind everyone, especially his human Dad, how to keep things chill.
No stress for "King Henry”, as he's also known.
This standard Poodle would much rather be chasing squirrels than getting his picture taken... not impressed at all with this shot!
He owns NO clothing at all and can always be found in a natural Poodle state... even though there have been attempts to dress him up in a flannel 49th Apparel nightshirt!