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I just found out about you. What is 49th Apparel all about?

We are a Canadian company in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario that designs and produces high quality, simple and straightforward sleepwear - mainly pajama sets and nightshirts for men and women. We don't do a lot of styles but what we do, we do really well! We've been making pajamas since 1992! We believe in making things that last. Daryl, our founder, follows the rule his "Pops" taught him..."if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!" Our sleepwear is built to last. It is not uncommon for our clients to tell us they have been enjoying their purchases for 5, 10 and even 15 years... that's a lot of sleeps!

Where do you make your garments?

All of our garments are made in Canada in our small Northern Ontario studio in Sault Ste. Marie by our small team of two! Producing here in Sault Ste. Marie, while WAY more expensive than having our sleepwear made overseas, allows us to be involved in every step and detail of the process and make high quality clothing. 

What size should I order?

Well, that depends! We believe that pajamas and nightshirts are made to be worn and should fit loose so they're comfy for sleeping and lounging! This is why we offer multiple sizes in every style we make. After over 24 years of making pajamas and nightshirts we have found that sizing is an important and personal issue. We know most people can fit into 2, maybe even 3 sizes of a particular garment so we advise that if in doubt, bigger is better! We often hear "they look so big at first but often after washing properly and wearing they are just right!" Our patterns are cut a bit extra in body length, sleeve length and pant length to allow for 4-5% shrinkage if cared for properly.

How do I care for my 49th Apparel Sleepwear and is it preshrunk?

Caring for your purchase is easy - just a cold water wash with like colours and tumble dry low. NO boiling (excessive hot water) and NO baking (excessive hot dryer). Heat is what usually ruins garments! After washing you may want to give your item a slight press as most of our products are cotton and will show the wrinkles. We do not usually preshrink our garments before you get them , unless specified on tag and product description. We have allowed for some shrinkage in the patterns as mentioned above.

Where do you get these beautiful fabrics and those cool "wood" buttons?

Our fabrics come from all over, usually through a fabric importer in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. We make every attempt to support Canadian companies. Unfortunately, very few fabrics are milled here in North America anymore. Our signature buttons which look almost exactly like wood are not wood at all, as wood will not launder well. They are a 100% natural material that lasts for years and ages beautifully!

Is flannel too warm to sleep in?

Too warm is a matter of preference. For some, yes, flannel is too warm to sleep in, for most people it is not. We design and produce a lot here in Northern Ontario where it's cold for a BIG part of the year (as it is in most other parts of Canada) and we get snow - lots of it! So, flannel keeps us northern Canadians warm and cozy, all year round! We have found that people purchase and use our sleepwear for a multitude of purposes, not just to sleep in. Our clients have told us that our sleepwear is perfect to wear around the house and it's often the first thing they change into when they get home from work at the end of the day! We also know lots of customers who wear our sleepwear at their cottage all year round, even in the summer on those chilly lakeside mornings with coffee!

Do you make sleepwear in lighter fabrics that are not flannel?

Yes we do! We produce our sleepwear in crisp cotton shirtings and cool linen, perfect for those warmer months.

My husband wants a night shirt; do you sell them to men and do they actually wear them?

Absolutely! And not just for more mature guys - we find that there is a whole new generation of younger men that enjoy wearing a nightshirt. The origin of the nightshirt is simply a longer version of a man's day shirt that he would have worn during business hours... made longer and slightly looser for sleeping. That is really what our nightshirt is. A unisex garment for both men and women.

I am a larger woman; will these fit me?

Yes, they will. If you are curvy in the bust and hips then a 49th Apparel nightshirt is definitely the way to go! Our nightshirts are based on a man's cut and we have found in our many years of perfecting this pattern that women really respond to the ease of it. Like a nightgown but not at all fussy and still cool! Younger women of all sizes and shapes love wearing them all year round. We also have found that every so often a woman who is expecting will either pick one up for herself or receive it as a gift! It is great to hear how our nightshirt carries them through the "growing" stages of a pregnancy and right into nursing and after. The vintage style in particular has been called a "lifesaver" by one client in western Canada.

Where can I buy your products in person? Are they available at other stores?

Currently, we don't offer our clothing at other stores. All our products are available on our website. Free curbside pickup can be arranged for local orders in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. 

What if I order an item and it does not fit or I don't like it?

No problem! We accept returns and exchanges. Simply follow the return policy information here and we will do everything we can to keep you happy!

Please reach out to us by email or phone for shipping return address. DO NOT send returns to our Queen Street address. 

Want to know anything else?

If you still have a question, please feel free to reach out to us!

Tel: (705)946-8865