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Camp (or Cottage) Essentials

Camp (or Cottage) Essentials

Books, Buttertarts and Beer

No matter what you call it (Camp or Cottage), it's a chance to relax and enjoy our short Canadian summer.  Below you will find our 49th Apparel approved list of ten things you need to pack for the most perfectly cozy stay at the lake.

  1. Snacks - with us it always starts with food.  Daryl’s family favourite (that can be found in so many grocery stores all over) is PC brand Sweet and Salty Popcorn. Don’t judge.  Just try it.  Of course, if you’re here in Algoma then you have to stop at the Queen's Tarts for the BEST butter tarts (and grab a quiche for an easy lunch).  If you want to make your life even easier, then we can’t say enough good things about ordering from The Lemon Square to be delivered straight to your mailbox (this week we featured them as Daryl's Favourite Thing in our email newsletter )

Artist Amy Williams ink and watercolour of the Queen's Tarts downtown storefront. A brick facade with  big windows and a black sign that says in white letters "The Queen's Tarts"

  1. The best way to unplug is to turn off the world wide web and settle in for a good old-fashioned game of Euchre. You just need a plain old deck of cards and some company.  If you’re anywhere near Burks Falls (in Muskoka) this summer stop into the Mag and get yourself a new boardgame!

  2. Books - The second best way to unplug from the world is through a book. Don’t forget to pack some paperbacks for long lazy days on the deck.  If you’re taking our advice and driving through downtown Sault Ste. Marie, then stop into the Rad Zone while picking up your butter tarts.  They have a really great selection of second hand books. 

    man and woman drinking coffee outside at the cottage in plaid flannel pajamas, books and deck of cards

  3. Great Coffee - start your day off right with beans from St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters. They will even delivery coffee right to your door. One less stop on your way to camp is ALWAYS a good idea. Order here

  4. Great Beer - While you’re in downtown Sault Ste. Marie getting books and Butter Tarts, you may as well grab some beers for the hot weather from Outspoken Brewery!

  5. God’s Country Sweats - Grab a Made in Canada sweatshirt or hoodie to keep you warm by the campfire and keep the mosquitos off your arms. You can visit their storefront or order online. 

    Woman on dock on lake wearing a hoodie by God's Country

  6. Cozy PJs – Remember that even in August mornings can be brisk so pack your favourite 49th Apparel PJ Pants  to wear all day. We honestly almost wish summer were over so the new remade camp blankets would be ready for you... 

    49th Apparel Re-Made Camp Blanket

  7. Slippers - pack your Glerups to keep your toes warm once you take off your flipflops.   Get natural in Glerups around the campsite. They go where you go. You’ll wish you could wear them everywhere!

  8. Art Supplies - Make room for art in your life and stock up with Above Ground Art Supplies.  This famous Toronto store is Daryl’s favourite stop when he’s near the OCAD campus.  If you need inspiration the talented Alexandra McLaughlin offers plein air painting adventures on Georgian Bay! Check out her Instagram page: Come Paint with Me

  9. Swimsuit - Look good in and out of the water in a Minnow Bathers Swimsuit. This made in Canada swimwear line is just too beautiful for words. If you know a Canadian company that makes great men’s swimwear, let Daryl know.  For now he’ll have to wade in his boxer shorts

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! If you have any other suggestions for camp we want to hear them in the comments below. 

Share this list with the ones you love.  Maybe they will bring one of the above items as a hostess gift...

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  • Jul 25, 2022

    Great advice for a flawless holiday at the cottage!

    — Elizabeth Failes

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