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Daryl's Secret Pancake Recipe

Daryl's Secret Pancake Recipe

Skip brunch this Sunday, mix up Daryl's secret pancake recipe and stay home in your cozy PJs. 

Daryl's sporting his original 49th Apparel robe from 1993 in this photo and boxer pants with a comfy tee, like the ones made by the lovely folks at Thunder Bay's Ungalli Clothing Co.

Pay close attention, this recipe is all in the details. Well, one detail. Follow the step-by-step instructions from the Bob's of Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix.  Melt butter, add eggs and milk. Then add a splash of the best quality vanilla you can find. This is the secret ingredient

a photo collage of how to make Daryl's secret pancake recipe

 Take your time to mix the batter until smooth, and add some blueberries if you're in the mood.  Be generous with the butter on the griddle.  A stack of golden pancakes pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee from St. Joe's Island Coffee Roasters in a hand made mug.  The two poodle pups will not get breakfast but they will get a nice belly rub just as soon as we're done eating.

 Thanks for following along with our blog. 

Will you share your secret recipe with us in the comments?

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