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Meet Daryl

Hi, I'm Daryl and I am the Designer and founder here at 49th Apparel.

I was born, and now live, in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada with my wife and best friend of 23 years, LeeAnn.

LeeAnn also works here when she is able to, in the office with accounting and inventory management.

We are blessed to have two sons: our oldest Sam, away at university and our youngest Gabe, now in high school.

They are great kids and I am very proud of both of them! I was a reluctant hockey dad, but now I absolutely I love it. My youngest plays Left Wing.

We share our family home with a giant furry poodle named Henry. He is like my third "son' and a big spoiled baby. Best movie watching companion there is, as he is always quiet! 

Northern Ontario is where I am able to breathe and live what I feel is my best life. I relish the slow thoughtful pace of life here. I love to visit the big Canadian cities such as Toronto and Montreal, but only for a few days before I need to retreat back up north!


I am very fortunate to be surrounded by my family and loads of wonderful friends here.

I spend a lot of time at work, in the front retail shop, or in the back studio with my small team working on new designs and production.

When you are self employed and responsible for employing others you are always busy working. I have recently realized that I actually thrive that way. I would not want it any other way as being my own boss is the best!

I love organizing and cleaning; especially washing
clothes. Seriously. Ask my family; doing laundry and being the household “Clothes Keeper" is something I take VERY seriously.

I try to eat healthy but have a minor sugar problem I am trying to kick... I love Chicago style Popcorn - please keep it away from me. I also have a weakness for Wine Gums and pretty much ALL baked goods, especially cookies!

Traveling to Toronto to meet and collaborate with the small manufactures who help me produce our sleepwear is something I do a few times a year and really enjoy.

Currently my absolute favourite thing to do when visiting the BIG cities is to dig through the masses of vintage shirts we use for our RE-MADE line.

I am a true hunter-gatherer, or maybe just a hoarder… I love antique stores and anything vintage. I cannot drive by a garage sale without stopping. Local antique store owners know me by my first name!

I also LOVE sourcing out new fabrics and developing new designs. I am always drawing.

A product of the 80s, I usually have music from that era playing in the shop but love 70s music too! Is there really anyone better than Mister Mister or Duran Duran... Please just play some Bryan Adams for me!

I collect vintage Star Wars action figures, NERD ALERT! my son would say.

I started my foray into clothing design at a private school in Calgary, Alberta called Form and Function. It was there that I really learned about design.


I later attended and graduated from the Fashion Technique and Design Program at Sheridan College.

I loved design school (like really LOVED it) and excelled there, even winning a few prestigious awards.

I prefer clean uncluttered designs in pretty much everything: homes, clothing, furniture. I love to edit things!

I love fabrics, especially beautiful woolens. I love plaids, and have learned a lot about the different tartans and clans that developed them in Scotland.

My DREAM TRIP is to spend a few weeks in Scotland with my family and to make it all the way to the Northern-most islands there.

I want to go to the Outer Hebrides where they weave the Harris Tweed in the traditional way… Again, NERD Alert!

I love making something new out of something no one felt was useful anymore, just as we currently do with our RE-MADE upcycled sleepwear.

I have some great plans to expand that collection very soon. Stay tuned!

I am lucky enough to have an art studio in our home where I can paint, mainly abstractions, and draw.

I am working on a Fine Arts Degree at the local university, very part time. It’s a four year program and I have been going for eleven years now…

Almost done it, but hey, family life and 49th Apparel have been keeping me pretty busy!